Paumco Products Quick Spade Combo

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Paumco Products Quick Spade Combo

  • Mounts on bucket or standard 2 x 4 forks with standard taper
  • Eliminates or reduces shovel time
  • Digs a hole ten times faster than a standard bucket
  • Digs a 20in. x 20in. x 24in. deep hole in one scoop
  • Digs trenches that a standard bucket cannot dig
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Paumco Products Quick Spade Combo Model# 1101-Quick Spade

Product Summary

Versatile Paumco Products Quick Spade Combo attachment mounts on skid loader, front end loader or compact tractor. Also can be placed onto standard forks or buckets. Use to plant trees, move boulders, remove stumps, dig trenches, build a boulder wall and more. U.S.A.

Key Specs
BrandPaumco Products
Manufacturer’s Warranty12 months parts / 12 months labor
Ship Weight78.0 lbs
Product TypeSpades/brooms
Compatible WithStandard forks or buckets
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)35 x 20 x 3


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