About Us

Tools. It is our passion

Established in 2020, WORLD POWER has run up years of experience selling specialist tools and hardware products at affordable prices. Our store is the Exclusive Distributor of a number of prestigious mechanical products. The demand for mechanical products is forever changing. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the most contemporary products in the market. Our shop distributes tools and hardware, parts, and accessories of superb brands that produce exceptional quality products.

Our goal is simple; be the friendliest, focused distributor of farm equipment quality products with competitive pricing. We offer the best products on the market with some of the top brands of which we are service agents, and delivering the best products on the market.

Our store has transformed itself into the domestic leading distributor of tools, hardware, and accessories, as well as one of the fastest-growing players in the tool and hardware market. Our store has full workshop facilities and Our support team also play a vital role in the quality of the finished product that you purchase. Our support team is the best in the business. They are year-round, full-time professionals who experts in tool and hardware it shows in the pride they take in presenting good products.

We always keep innovating in providing the best service and trying to sell quality products, we always keep customer trust in delivery service and we give the best price.

Payment method is one of our priorities to provide convenience and security in transactions, our payment method is PAYPAL, because until now our customers feel comfortable doing transactions through PAYPAL, and indeed PAYPAL is one of the very safe and reliable methods that is widely used around the world.

We prioritize the security of customer access and uphold the customer’s personal data so that we guarantee customer data is only used for transactions at, we make it happen in our website that uses –  SSL SECURITY.


Address: Borma Dago Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.348, Dago, Kecamatan Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40135, Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 823-1897-8608