DR Power PRO XLSP Stump Grinder 11.7 HP 389cc Engine

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DR Power PRO XLSP Stump Grinder 11.7 HP 389cc Engine

  • World-class 11.7 HP, 389cc electric-start DR engine delivers powerful, dependable performance
  • Simple hand controls allow you to control the wheel brakes and engine throttle right from the handle bars
  • Simple operation allows you to position the grinder over a stump, lock one wheel in place with the wheel brake, engage the cutting head, and pivot easily from side to side, shaving off an inch or so with each pass
  • Self-propelled design with dual-shaft transmission and built-in differential, makes for smooth, easy transport between job sites — even over rough terrain
  • Each wheel has a separate drive so cornering is smooth and easy
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DR Power PRO XLSP Stump Grinder 11.7 HP 389cc Engine Model# ST49019DEN

Product Summary

This DR Power PRO XLSP Stump Grinder uses the power of a world-class 11.7 HP DR engine plus carbide-tipped cutting teeth to reduce any stump to wood chips. Lock one wheel in place while you pivot the machine back and forth to grind away a stump. Then unlock and reposition as needed, right from your working position. It’s a quick and easy way to remove stumps that can be an eyesore, cause mowing obstructions, block trails, present a tripping hazard and cause other problematic situations. The easy-to-handle 12-ga. steel grinder is light in weight without sacrificing strength or durability.

Key Specs
BrandDR Power Equipment
Manufacturer’s Warranty2yr consumer/90 day commercial
Ship Weight240.0 lbs
Product TypeStump grinder
Walk or PullWalk
Engine TypeDR OHV
Start TypeElectric
Displacement (cc)389
Fuel Capacity (gal.)0.8
Rear Wheel Size (in.)15 x 4.75
Tire Size (in.)12.5 x 4
Dimensions L x W x H (in.)51 x 29 x 39 in
Product Weight187 lb


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